Orée Gadgets Create a Wireless Wooden Workstation


French studio Orée has mastered the art of sophisticated, casual design. Their new line of hand-carved wooden computer and smartphone accessories prove that gadgets don’t have to be overly adorned to make a statement.

Despite the impeccable craftsmanship, Orée’s accessories may seem simple but they also boost impressive technology that relies on creating an entirely wireless workstation. Say adieu to bundled cables and missing plugs, Orée helps solidify not only the look of your workstation but also the way you work entirely.


I call this blocky-chic.


The entire Orée hand-carved wooden collection.


The keyboard is constructed out of one piece of wood so each key matches the overall look. It is also equipped with bluetooth connectivity so that cables and plugs don’t disrupt the flow of the wooden workstation. The keyboard costs €150.00.


If your smartphones is equipped with Qi wireless charging technology, than simply place it on top of this Wireless Power Pebble, available in wood (maple or walnut) or in marble (red or white). It costs €110.


Unfortunately the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy phones don not feature Qi wireless charging, but Orée has designed a solution for those smartphones. It’s called the Power Sleeve. Made of leather and maple or walnut, the attractive case amps up your device with Qi wireless power so that then you can rest it on top of a Power Pebble. It costs €90.

Orée products can be purchased online here.

Why Britney Spears Is a Gay Icon

To commemorate Britney Spears’ glimmery return to the spotlight, I’m reposting an essay I wrote for SF Weekly in 2011 — right before the Brit machine came to San Francisco.

I wasn’t always a Britney Spears fan, but then again, I wasn’t always openly gay. Despite the fact that she has never marched for us like Gaga, or praised our lifestyle like Madonna, Britney has been an influence to sexually confused young boys all over the world since the turn of the century.

Part of the Britney allure is how she keeps us aroused without ever really making us climax. And oops… with the announcement this week that her performance on Sunday will, indeed, not take place outdoors in the Castro but inside the Bill Graham Auditorium, well… she did it again.

It’s easy to dismiss Britney Spears as trashy and talentless, but she is an icon in the purest sense of the word — an object signifying much more. She signifies the machine that created her, the concept that made her a superstar and a fascination that resurrected her to the top of the charts.

“I remember signing online everyday to see what she was doing during her meltdown. Never have I done that for anyone else,” said Preston Burford, who hosts Wet & Wild as Lady Tatas. “She didn’t even show up to one of her video shoots!”

The concept was simple: erect an entire economy out of encouraging young girls to pierce their belly buttons, flirt with their teachers and flash their panties. In short, to exploit their sexuality before they could understand it. And it wasn’t just young girls who were listening.

“The first time I saw Britney, the little slut was sprawled out on her back, begging for it on the cover of Rolling Stone,” said Joshua J, who will be throwing a Britney after-party at QBar this Sunday. “I was horrified and fascinated at the same time.”

In terms of mainstream visibility; Britney Spears is the ultimate twink, the ultimate leather daddy, and the ultimate pervert (NSFW). She may well be the ultimate gay icon.

In her wet dream within a dream, hyper-real in its bizarre extension of reckless adolescence, Britney is both a sexual aggressor and victim to her own uncontrollable urges. Her lyrics suggest a nice but naughty duality, straddling somewhere between Nickelodeon and soft-core porn. Her pulsating music is the quintessential gay club soundtrack, both in sound and in subject matter — going out to find a trick to take home without worrying about the morning after. “That’s speaking the language of most gay men,” Preston said.

In high school, I lied to my mother and told her I had purchased a Britney album as a gift to my best friend (who grew up to be a lesbian and enthralled by Britney for completely different reasons). At the time, I wasn’t a part of the pop star’s girl demographic, so owning the album was even more of a shameful pleasure. I’d go into my room, lock the door, put on my headphones and blare Britney.

Impressionable, confused by my own uncontrollable urges, I wanted to be like her: desirous of everything and desired by everyone. I wanted to writhe up to a sweaty stranger, moan suggestively and ask, “baby, don’t you want to dance upon me?” with enough sexual prowess to know the answer would be a resounding, “yes.” That winter, at sixteen years old, I lost my virginity to Britney Spears.

So if the thought of her having gay fans still boggles your mind, have a bag of Cheeto’s while you munch on this: how is it possible that we’ve allowed this minimally talented, almost brain dead female pop star teach a whole generation of gay men everything they know about sexual expression?

Should we hold that against you?

Watch Britney’s latest video for her single “Work Bitch.”

Video: The Aging Process Flashing Before Our Eyes

Meet Danielle, a five-minute video by Anthony Cerniello, a filmmaker who has directed music videos for Arcade Fire and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Danielle is his latest project depicting the human aging process — from birth until death — in five minutes. While most video and photo projects depicting the aging process or other changes in the human body rely on steady documentation, Danielle did not take a lifetime to complete.

Instead, Cerniello traveled to the real Danielle’s family reunion and photographed her female family members from different generations. Then he edited and animated the photos in the correct sequence to create the life-coursing composite.

Little Boots and Ladyhawke Live at Folsom Street Fair 2012

This last weekend marked one of San Francisco’s most infamous celebrations: Folsom Street Fair. The event, which draws over 400,000 visitors each, has in recent years invited relatively big names in the electro-pop music scene to perform for the crowd of leather and kink enthusiasts. This year Hercules and Love Affair had a DJ set and Miami Horror performed live at the mainstage of the sexually explicit SoMa enclave.

It was last year, however, that Folsom really broke through as a must-go-to event for live music fans in San Francisco with performances by Little Boots and Ladyhawke (video above).  I even interviewed Ladyhawke about her Folsom show for Rolling Stone‘s fashion blog days prior to her performance. And I was there, front row, when she performed.

Check out some more photos from Folsom Street Fair 2012, right out of the Boy Toy vault:


Ladyhawke on stage at the Folsom Street Fair mainstage 2012.


Smokin’ fags.


JOG – Folsom Edition.


Screen shot 2012-09-24 at 6.19.58 PM

Paparazzi caught Denys and I making out in public – as sexually explicit as we’ll ever get.

IMG_7033 IMG_5876 IMG_7078 IMG_7042

DJ Haute Toddy spinning on the mainstage.


Conner Habib hosting naked Twister at the Steamworks stage.

IMG_7034 IMG_7029

The Baddest Bitch of Folsom Street Fair

Make room, the Queen of Louisiana is here.

This is something out of True Blood and American Horror Story combined. The fetish horsemen, the woman’s creepy plastic smile, her flawless outfit, the maid with an umbrella behind her! Talk about rolling in style. Whoever this is, I need to befriend ASAP.

UPDATE: A reader identified this lovely female as Liliane Hunt or Mistress Liliane, a San Francisco-based performance artist who is known for her flawless fusion of fetish and fashion.

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 10.59.01 AM

Paola Pivi’s Fluorescent Feathered Polar Bears Invade New York’s Galerie Perrotin


Straight out of a children’s coloring book, these life-sized feathered bears are currently on display at Galerie Perrotin’s inaugural show in New York City on Madison Avenue.

The bear exhibit by Italian artist Paola Pivi, titled Ok, you are better than me, so what?, depicts these colorful animals relaxing in whimsical poses. New Yorkers can see them in their full-feathered glory until October 26 or take the bold bears home for a cool $90,000.

“I had a dream of a polar bear and a grizzly bear dancing with each other but didn’t want to kill two bears to make happy dance art,” said Pivi who worked with a Canadian taxidermist to create these foam sculptures.

Galerie Perrotin founder Emmanuel Perrotin is renown in the art world for identifying emerging artist, having been one of the first art dealers to work with Takashi Murakami.

Pharrell Williams attended the Galerie Perrotin opening in September, where he revealed that he was working on some sculpture work of his own.

paolapivi04 paolapivi05 galerieperrotin03630x472 paolapivi02 paolapivi03

Photos: My Modern Met

The Haberdash Brings Men’s Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show to the Great American Music Hall


On Tuesday, The Bold Italic partnered with San Francisco’s Artful Gentleman, a bespoke suit-maker, for their annual The Haberdash. The event, billed as a celebration of men’s style and music, took place at the grandiose Great American Music Hall and featured a Ploom e-cig vaporizing lounge, SnapYourself photo booth and live music by Brooklyn folk band Woods.

Curated by Jake Wall, the fashion show portion of the evening had “everyday” male models in outfits by local boutiques and apparel and accessories designers including Welcome Stranger, Elder & Pine, SomNoir, Motley Goods, Thread Council, and Justin Jamison.


The models getting ready backstage.


SFBG editor Marke B. struts out wearing a look from Hayes Valley boutique, Welcome Stranger.


Model in Derrick Castle-designed tee for Thread Council and sporting a backpack by Motley Goods.


Artful Gentleman suit.

G4Hzz5jFXqRL64Z8nMVTd25KkWb8AqZyaw59djN93Mc cJ-fFgBy1aQF0MaknYsv_FCLpK11rdjAIllDN83qC5s e0KcRc3ZPw1V_lgHt9bMVcajKu6OfmJfAswty7t7xkQ s24GWv7jtdmLyvSR5pzzqOGxM93hqWgipCk18C-gBBI EApKHKRdD5CMyyRqOL-foLl9zYPBnLXW6URE6YH8r5U


Local poet Brontez Purcell hits the runway in Mollusk Surf Shop parka.


Woods performed at the end of the night.


We performed as well, but for the SnapYourself photo booth.



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Sorry Ploom, but the e-pipe is way more stylish.

53ZV9NOkHjOCI9WMYnfGt4cODZ_XYnhmtqB6epS3IVU E66vKtmfqDLv0E3mXgQwxHp_Flf1UyvvQao2AuwDn4U aPd0MsCR-P4ODMZWom5wSqxJuX9dGit1CXnPmJinsL4 1C9n1eP9Tyvw3MocAYNwgsLMnRuSxgzpkN9m-IORPT0

Event photos: Isla Bell Murray for The Bold Italic

Photo booth photos: SnapYourself