Event: ‘How We Date Now’ Panel Discussion

Even though I discontinued my HomoTech column almost a year ago after a bit of a tiff with EDGE Media, it appears that pretending to be racist on Grindr has made me an expert. If you receive my newsletter, you know that I’ve been invited to be a part of a panel on the hyper-instant pleasure and pain of online dating.

Sponsored by Yerba Buena Arts, How We Date Now is happening on Thursday, March 15 at the W Hotel’s pool terrace (oooh). Join me and tech sexpert Violet Blue, OkCupid’s Nick Abramovic and dating coach Jesse Starlight as we dig up all the dirt that comes from trying to find “the one” in the age of Google:

Single people in super-wired San Francisco have more options than ever before. From the proliferation of dating websites, to matchmakers, to instructors eager to teach you the art of meeting a mate, the days of relying on set-ups and chance meetings are long behind us.

The discussion will be moderated by Eve Batey, editor of the SF Appeal. We will start the chat at 8pm but we’ll surely be drinking and mingling by the pool starting at 7pm. Come watch me bring up such awkward topics as: Craigslist killers, Facebook stalkers and eHarmony homophobes! How fun. And thanks to the glorious Matt Baume for suggesting my name.

How We Date NowThursday, March 15 from 7pm to 9pm at the W Hotel (181 3rd Street, 4th Floor Pool Terrace).

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