Get Your Boyfriend Flowers When He Least Expects Them

Nothing says I love you and I’m sorry like “look I went out of my way to be romantic by resorting to a centuries-old courtship ritual. So here are these beautiful yet unique flowers that match, not only your room, but also your personality. Will you blog about them?”

All cheekiness aside, flowers are a great way to show someone you really care. And don’t mark “must get flowers” on the calendar around an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to wait for society-sanctioned permission to come home with a bundle of love. In fact, I’d argue that flowers when least expected tend to get the most welcomed response. It makes every day of your relationship worthy of a special celebration.

For the longest time, I was mopey around the subject of getting flowers from an admirer, mostly because I had never gotten them. Then I realized that maybe I shouldn’t wait around for my prince charming to strut in wielding a bountiful bouquet — I could just as easily get on that horse. After all, it’s more emotional gratifying to be a proactive romantic than a hopeless one.

BOY TOYS TALK BACK: When was the last time you got somebody flowers? What was the special occasion? What type of flowers were they?

4 thoughts on “Get Your Boyfriend Flowers When He Least Expects Them

  1. Someone got me flowers once “just because”, but I didn’t know what to do with them. It was a nice gesture, but I don’t really like flowers. I doubt I would even think to get flowers for a significant other unless they specified. I’m forgetful like that.

  2. The last time I got someone flowers they were these exact same ones and they were for myself. I do this pretty frequently when I’m drunk, actually. I bought myself 2 dozen roses on the way home from my birthday celebration last year. Buying flowers for yourself is underrated. <3

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