Where Gay Erotica Gets Written

Last Spring, fellow Lambda, um, fellow and friend Chuck Forester invited me and a couple of other writers to go to his cottage in the Calaveras County woods for an informal, much-needed, writing retreat.

I spent a good portion of the time working on a novel-in-progress that I’ve since shelved to focus on Confessions of a Boy Toy. I still have very fond memories of that prolific weekend, however, and have seen been considering other nearby but desolate destinations for a follow-up writing retreat.

Wait… is that?

Oh, erotica writers and their home decor!

One thought on “Where Gay Erotica Gets Written

  1. Oh, I love that! Well, sort of, two women would have been more to my taste, but then my erotic writing tends that way…

    I don’t think I would evert trust myself to have such a photograph in my apartment, just in case!

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